Brush plugin for Glyphs now on Kickstarter

The campaign is running check it out

<evangelist intro>
Dear type designers, hear the truth of skeletons. 
They are revealing from the closets to your favourite type-design software. The world of type design will be no more like before. Therefore, save your files and convert to skeletons.
<evangelist intro>

I am pleased that the campaign is out and first backer pledget for the plugin. I hope you'll like it too. To avoid the long descriptions enjoy the animations, that demonstrates what we want to deliver.

The main goal is to deliver 2D brushes. Because now it's limited to 1D abscisa (segment line) which results to extreme contrasts.

The second most important goal is the ability to manipulate brush independently for each node in the same skeleton.

Store values for nodes across the whole project and reuse it. Just give the node name, and it takes the values from the same named style.

The components for cases where strokes don't make sense by design.

The stroke output
promise is to have always properly-plotted outlines. As if you were drawing curves manually. No bunch of random nodes.

Besides the demonstrations, it's evident that the best use case will be calligraphic and handwritten letterforms.
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