.glif to .svg conversion?

Hey typecoders,

I've been looking to extract some glyph outlines from a font and output them as SVGs. I saw some fontTools examples for the reverse action, using a fontTools pen to write SVG instructions to a UFO glyph, but was wondering if anybody is aware of existing solutions for the reverse: Taking the outlines in a .glif file and outputting them as SVG. Judging from the pen instructions this does not seem to be overly complex, but I would happily take suggestions of existing solutions in case missed them in my search so far? Also it does not have to be UFO to SVG necessarily as long as the script can be somewhat self-contained.

Btw, aside from fontTools I also looked at the FontParts library, but wasn't able to see how or what that type of pen object would work — they appear to be different implementations of the same concept, no?

Thanks for any tips and suggestions,