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I've had a few type designers contact me in search of clients requiring typeface localization. And I've heard from clients requiring localization for languages beyond my scope. Is there a place where these people can find one another? We have a category for Job Postings. What about a section for type designers offering localization or other services such as hinting?


  • We have provide service translate their brand values into custom designed type. Through consistent usage, custom typefaces can help increase the recognition of your brand.

    You may already have ideas on how your typeface should reflect your corporate identity. Our design experts can work with you to enable you to deliver your vision. Whether you re looking for a complete typeface family in a range of weights or special character sets, we can deliver.

    Our Services Include

    Custom typeface design, Digitization of existing artwork, Creation of logo and symbol fonts, Development of custom character sets, Creation of fine-tuned ESQ  (Enhanced Screen Quality) fonts, Non-Latin font development, Font format conversions, Multilingual and Unicode -compliant font solutions, Custom editing of printer fonts, Multiple platform font support, Consulting on typefaces, fonts and font technologies

    We are passionate about custom font design and we look forward to sharing our expertise and enthusiasm. Whether you need a variant of an existing typeface, need to commission an original custom font design or have a small font project  we create typography to exact specifications and competitively priced.
  • For non-Latin, always ping Granshan.
  • Yes, would be nice to have a central resource page or link to those specialists and their services.
  • ‘Fontists help fontists’ – an interesting idea. The business becomes more than ever manifold, no one can really bite all the bullets. Sounds like a business case for some vigilant start-uppers?

  • fonttalentscout.com?
  • It's a good idea. Does anyone think this would make a good new category here? I'm concerned that if it goes beyond the scope of localization, that it could become a general job site which could get cluttered and spammy. I think most type designers do freelance work so maybe narrow it down to localization for non Latin or at least beyond Latin Extended A. Because those people are very hard to track down due to the language barrier and in some cases, their scarcity. Just to be clear, I have no personal interest in doing localization for anyone's fonts. I just hate when clients ask me if I know anyone who can handle Devangari, Korean etc. and I have to answer, "nope."
  • I have zero interest in working on a particular part of someone else's fonts. Usually they are asking me to do some part of it they hate doing, but my time is better spent.
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    Agree about keeping it focused (non-spammy)... but I did also like the initial idea about including things like hinting, kerning, complex opentype features, etc (beyond just localization services) in it. Sometimes resources or time might make it more viable to lean on a "specialist" or provide a recommendation, so it'd be nice to know what/who's available for specific tasks.
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