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I recently saw at Luth.no, in their blog section,  our 2 latest releases, published, in Norwegian prices. Since we're not working together for more then 4 years (probably even more), I was very shocked when I saw those families offered there. And the more stranger thing is that we haven't supply them with font files and promo images.

Did I missed news from the market, did Luth.no became acquisition of some bigger vendor maybe? Or they operate as independent vendor? Are they OEM partner of Monotype maybe?

Any help is appreciated.


  • It is my understanding Luth & Co were a FontShop partner (i.e offered anything that FontShop had published) in the past, but they dropped this partnership some time prior to 2012. It is certainly possible they have entered into a similar partnership with Monotype. You can reach their marketing director, Bård, via [email protected]
  • Btw, Luth&Co used to have a dedicated type person on the team: Jacob Øvergaard. He retired from the business a few years back. I get the impression it mostly operates as a stock library nowadays.
  • Thanks for information. I remember some connection with FontShop, if they're still partners, it's stranger even more since we're not selling our fonts at FontShop at all.
    I wrote them for clarification, hope to get an specific answer.
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