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Which font editor has the best documentation and active community, FontLab, RoboFont or Glyphs? Being newcomer this is more important to me than features and price. What are your thoughts?


  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,869
    All three have active online forums:

    I've found both FontLab VI and Glyphs to have pretty good documentation. RoboFont is more of a platform than an out-of-the-box tool, so doesn't have the same kind of features documentation.
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,367
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    I imagine it's possible that the FontLab community has a different character now than when I last used the program, but I can say that one of the many satisfying aspects of switching to Glyphs years ago was the active development, helpful forum, clear tutorials, well-integrated third-party tools, and responsive development/troubleshooting team. 
  • k.l.k.l. Posts: 95
    I would not complain about either. Especially see the introduction and workspace sections.
  • I have had a number of people write to me and comment on how massively improved FontLab’s support is nowadays compared to several years ago.

    We hired two more people (@Pooja Saxena and @Igor Freiberger) to help with support and documentation for FontLab VI a year and a half ago (seven months before retail release of the app).

    We also created a new online documentation system (rather than a static manual as we had always had before) for FontLab VI, and changed our support portal to a new system around the same time we launched the app, last December. Even before that (just over three years ago now) we moved to a new bug-tracking system so as to better track and resolve bugs and feature suggestions, both from users and internally reported.

    Our rate of being able to identify and fix bugs on the newer code base, with the newer systems in place is much higher. When bugs reported by users are verified as fixed, we notify the people who reported the bug to us, so they can know to expect the fix in the next app update. Actually, that's something I usually do personally, as part of overseeing the bug-tracking, support and much of the release notes.
  • I'm not sure if your interest in font editors is limited to Mac OS X, but if you have access to Windows, FontCreator is another font editor you might want to consider. You can see the forum here:

    And the online manual for FontCreator 11 is here:
  • I have had a number of people write to me and comment on how massively improved FontLab’s support is nowadays compared to several years ago.
    I'm very satisfied with FontLab's support nowadays.
  • Igor FreibergerIgor Freiberger Posts: 247
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    In FontLab forum we added a tag to identify topics where instructions or solutions are shared –not only by the FontLab team, but also between users: Learning topics.
  • Thanks for all your input and thoughts. I do agree with Thomas Phinney FontLab’s documentation is really solid and well put together. 
  • From the inside, we see all the problems.  :P   But we keep on working on it!
  • As mentioned, have a look at the forum but also and
  • k.l.k.l. Posts: 95
    Off topic, given the thread's title, yet it needs to be pointed out that the remark "RoboFont is more of a platform than an out-of-the-box tool" is a myth at best. RoboFont is an out-of-the-box font editor, full-fledged, and reliable one on top of that. There exists a not insignificant number of extensions that add extra functionality, many free, a few paid, and installing/updating extensions is as easy as double-clicking a .roboFontExt file. While some of these are nice-to-have, none of these are required to draw type and generate fonts.
  • Cory MaylettCory Maylett Posts: 245
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    As a user of both, I've found the documentation for both Fontlab VI and Glyphs to be absolutely first rate. I can say much the same about the customer service. All questions on the forums for both are answered quickly and quite thoroughly.
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