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Dear friends of lettering and typedesign,

After 20 years of commercial logotype «production», I’m planning to establish a new typefoundry next year, spezialised in «Scriptfonts» Before I started as a freelancer in Paris, I spent already a few years at URW/Hamburg in the division of typeproduction, but I have no real education as a typedesigner. 

The last years I began with scetches, realising a «Hamburgefonstiv» or «quick brown foxes» in some styles of the logotypes I made for my clients. Over the time a great appetite developed and I’m now decided to continue and to specialize in type design in the future.

All these years I had not really contact with typedesigners and no insight into the typedesign scene.
I feel insecure because I’ve no idea what happened in the production, commercialisation and selling of fonts the last years...
In the past I feel secure to identify and to evaluate quality and selling possibilities of fonts, but today all seems possible ...

I will design fonts with a «calligraphic, hand-lettered, handwritten touch».
Fonts with a «human, vibrant and personal» character...

Do you have personal experience with your own scriptfonts ?
Will there be possibilities to create customfonts ?

I want to ask your evaluation (if possible) of my future plans to specialize in Scriptfonts.
What do you think about???

Many thanks for your comments in advance.

Peter Becker


  • Peter BeckerPeter Becker Posts: 6
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    I have noticed that I can copy all my jpeg's on your page. How can I protect my datafies???
  • How can I protect my datafies???
    You can’t. That’s how the web works.
  • Hi James,thanks for your comment. I will show the examples tomorrow on my own homepage ....
  • Beautiful work, Peter.
  • Hello Mark, many thanks for your compliment.
  • I'm not sure if I'm correct but "specialized in scripts" could be misleading. Script refers to many concepts like a writing system.
  • I agree. There is also "scripts" in the programming sense.

    I think saying "script fonts" or "script typefaces" would be clearer.
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    You're right, both. There are a lot of definitions for the expression: "script". But when I say that I will establish a typefoundry for scripts with a "handwritten or calligraphic touch" it should normally be clear for typedesigner... No ???

  • Maybe stating "script typefaces" would be clearer rather than just "scripts". It's the plural form of the word "script" that made me confused when I read the title.
  • Godspeed.
  • thanks Vasil
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