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Dear friends of lettering and typedesign,

After 20 years of commercial logotype «production», I’m planning to establish a new typefoundry next year, spezialised in «Scriptfonts» Before I started as a freelancer in Paris, I spent already a few years at URW/Hamburg in the division of typeproduction, but I have no real education as a typedesigner. 

The last years I began with scetches, realising a «Hamburgefonstiv» or «quick brown foxes» in some styles of the logotypes I made for my clients. Over the time a great appetite developed and I’m now decided to continue and to specialize in type design in the future.

All these years I had not really contact with typedesigners and no insight into the typedesign scene.
I feel insecure because I’ve no idea what happened in the production, commercialisation and selling of fonts the last years...
In the past I feel secure to identify and to evaluate quality and selling possibilities of fonts, but today all seems possible ...

I will design fonts with a «calligraphic, hand-lettered, handwritten touch».
Fonts with a «human, vibrant and personal» character...

Do you have personal experience with your own scriptfonts ?
Will there be possibilities to create customfonts ?

I want to ask your evaluation (if possible) of my future plans to specialize in Scriptfonts.
What do you think about???

Many thanks for your comments in advance.

Peter Becker


  • Peter BeckerPeter Becker Posts: 6
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    I have noticed that I can copy all my jpeg's on your page. How can I protect my datafies???
  • How can I protect my datafies???
    You can’t. That’s how the web works.
  • Hi James,thanks for your comment. I will show the examples tomorrow on my own homepage ....
  • Beautiful work, Peter.
  • Hello Mark, many thanks for your compliment.
  • I agree. There is also "scripts" in the programming sense.

    I think saying "script fonts" or "script typefaces" would be clearer.
  • Peter BeckerPeter Becker Posts: 6
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    You're right, both. There are a lot of definitions for the expression: "script". But when I say that I will establish a typefoundry for scripts with a "handwritten or calligraphic touch" it should normally be clear for typedesigner... No ???

  • Maybe stating "script typefaces" would be clearer rather than just "scripts". It's the plural form of the word "script" that made me confused when I read the title.
  • Godspeed.
  • thanks Vasil
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    Nice work dude. For a second I thought you were Keith Morris. He does similar kind of ad lettering. Just so you know your website is all muddled up on mobile, doesn't work as good as the desktop version./
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