Looking for a junior type designer

I’m looking for a junior type designer to assist me on several projects on a freelance basis. Typical activities and tasks are:

— Expanding/completing character sets
— Checking/fixing outline compatibility between masters
— Checking/adding kerning 🎉
— Proofing

— ±2 years experience in typeface design and production
— Solid understanding of type design theory
— Solid outline drawing skills
— Fluent in Glyphs app
— Able to work methodically and accurate

Preferably I’m looking for someone located in or around Amsterdam, but I will consider remote candidates as well.

If this sounds like fun to you and you think you fit the profile, please send a message along with a pdf portfolio of type design work to artur [at] originaltype.com



  • I'm closing the topic now. I received a lot of responses from qualified applicants, so I have some homework to do now.
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