Training anthology

Hi everybody !

It's time for me to jump in and share some of my works I did and/or I'm still doing.
I didn't want to spam the forum so here are 4 of them if you don't mind?

A little background about me: I'm a 27yo graphic designer from Besançon, France. 
Graduated from a Master degree 3 years ago, I studied in the same city at the Fine Art School and felt in love with Type since then. I do lettering and logo design as well, but I want to be more precise on my Type Design skills as I think it can be a real plus on how I work. So here I am !

The first one is Comté. 
A classical Didone I did 4-5 years ago to learn the tools, the spacing and kerning as much as I could and to be able to us it someday in a project. Nothing else to say about it on ideas or whatever. It was purely technical for me.

The second one is Aspirat. 
Made for 3 exhibitions at a contemporary gallery in Narbonne, France. The gallery is a former automated household waste processing room called l'Aspirateur (the vacuum cleaner). 
So I "aspirated" some shapes from a sans-serif I did (a Folio revival) and developed kind of a "monster font"? (Can I say that ?)

The third one is Damour. 
Designed for a little towns community called le Val d'Amour, nearby Besançon. It's a nice place with a lot of nature, valleys, rivers… The usage of this font was mainly to be on posters so I made an extra-condensed to get a lot of informations on it, with a touch of vernacular shapes. Often, condensed fonts are rasterized, with straights shapes. I wanted to be more human on this one. It comes in 3 weight actually, but I only showed one here.

The last one is Turfura.
Inspired by Futura, I tended to not work with the orignal in front of me but in my mind. More like an imaginary revival. I use it on my own stationary while i'm testing it but I plan to expand it to a family with 3 weights and italics.

Now that I threw all my cards, I'm relying on you to be as hard as you can on your critics. :smiley: 

Thank you for your time,
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