What do you guys think? - General direction

diegomedina Posts: 2
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Have been working on this for just a while. I know I'd have to tweak a lot, but for now, I would just like to know your guys' opinions on this general direction. Does it seem like it has "potential"? What do you guys think about its aesthetic (if it has one) or feel? Since I did not create this with a purpose in mind besides just getting to design something from scratch, I'm not sure of where it could or would be properly utilized. However, any thoughts on it besides my own would be helpful, I think. Thank you guys in advance!


  • Theunis de Jong
    I like the subtle slants at the top, but I would avoid it for the top left of /R as it's kind of jarring, and it looks more like an error. You could experiment, though, with that same slant in the other (natural) direction. It would emphasize the brush-feel more.

    The top /Q is better than the 2nd row's but its tail is ever so slightly too thick.

    That /A looks gorgeous :)

    I'd really like to see a full caps set!
  • Vasil Stanev
    The thickness of the S is unbalanced.
  • diegomedina
    Thank you guys. Will consider!