Paul Shaw needs your help

I’m sure most of you are aware, but if not, Paul Shaw—type historian and typographer—was randomly attacked in New York and was severely injured. He needs help with his medical funds as he is one year too young to qualify for medicare.


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    Thanks for this, James.

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    Very shocking - enjoyed chatting with him at a recent TDC event, and love his books.
  • Thank you, James, for posting this. Paul’s injuries were severe and will require expensive surgeries that will—if they can be afforded—allow him to make a full recovery. I urge you all to post the story and the gofundme link anywhere you think it will be seen. Paul is the author of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System and numerous other books that have a following around the world.

    If you feel your posting will benefit from further explanation, you might consider linking to the story of this insane, random beating that appeared in the New York Post:

  • Someone close to me was randomly attacked in New York about 25 years ago. At that time the city had a crime victim's fund that paid all of his medical bills for multiple surgeries.  I think the fund still exists.
  • Shocking news for me! I do not know who he is but am very positive the recovery will be complete with such love and support! It is excillarating to see such goodness and humanity!
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