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My name is Michel Kern, I'm a newcomer/newbie to font design and implementation. Before deciding to give a try at type founding, I was "just" a plastic art amateur (drawing, calligraphy, engraving, photography, clay modelling) you can it with my logo and on my portfolio (
In fact I decided to start using FontForge for three reasons:
- First, I found a very simple tutorial to create a font from scratch (type "komankonfé police" in YouTube, it's a french video)
- Second I had the idea to search for "Braille" on DaFont and was surprised to see that there was 15 braille fonts published
- Third, while looking at the Braille fonts on DaFont, I was asking myself if I could find a new and original idea for this niche. Shortly after I thought: "hey, this reminds me the game of Go". Then I decided to design and implement a braille font based on Go game look (black/white stones and goban grid)

Here is a sample of the font (made with InkScape and FontForge):

I've submitted the font to "MyFonts" thet 23th of this month. No reply until then, so I don't know if they could be interested or not and if the quality / originality / esthetic requirements are met so they accept it. I think that if they don't reply, I will submit it to DaFont, with a "Free for Personal use" license.

Of course your feedback and advices are very welcome (but I would like you to take into account that I'm a beginner in the field)

Best Regards
Michel Kern


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    It's not hard to believe. After all, I remember Jerome. Enjoyed a lot of his songs.

    But if you want to make your font available freely, I don't think you've made the best choice of site to do it on. It's not as bad as some other free font sites for pirated fonts, but it isn't great either. Google fonts is one respectable and ethical choice I can think of offhand.
  • Michel Kern
    Thanks for your kind feedback and advice. Sorry but I dont understand "..Jerome. Enjoyed a lot of his songs"
  • Kent Lew
    Sorry but I dont understand "..Jerome. Enjoyed a lot of his songs"
  • John Savard
    At least he is not likely to say that he has never heard of John Barry.