Navigating caret with Ctrl+arrow

I don't know about most of you, dear Mac users, but us Win-ners are used to navigate through or select whole words with the Ctrl key. In this forum Ctrl+arrow results in jumping to line beginning or line end, which doesn't seem very useful... or does it?


  • Mark Simonson
    I'm usually viewing TypeDrawers with Safari on my Mac, and the native Mac text editing behaviors work normally:
    • right/left arrow keys to move insertion point letter by letter; 
    • option+right/left arrow keys to move it word by word; 
    • control or command+right/left arrows keys to move it to beginning or end of line; 
    • up/down arrow to move it one line up or down; 
    • option+up/down arrow to move it to the beginning or end of paragraph;
    • command+up/down arrow to move it to beginning or end of text; 
    • add shift key to any of the above to extend the selection at the same time
    Firefox breaks some of these related to moving between and extending selections by lines. Chrome works fine.

    Other cases where I've noticed this doesn't work is in Adobe apps and Textmate, to my annoyance. With Adobe apps, I assume it's for cross-platform consistency (not helpful if you mainly use only one platform). I don't know what Textmate's excuse is.
  • Ray Larabie
    In Windows Chrome the ctrl+arrows function works properly in the text edit window.
  • Adam Jagosz
    I should then add the issue occurs for me only in Firefox. Opera and Edge work fine. 🤔
  • Adam Jagosz
    Adam Jagosz Posts: 689
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    Could we have a fix then for Firefox? Whatever JS magic is involved here, it shouldn't be here in the first place for a more-or-less ordinary text input like this one (if you ignore the fact it is a hidden textarea followed by a hidden input followed by an iframe, ugh). I never had this issue on any other site on Firefox by the way.