What are some typefaces that you really admire released recently?

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Just a simple question above. I'd like to hear some that have caught your attention or you just really like for whatever reason without going into too much detail. I'm talking about those that have come out in the last few years (not the "classics" so-to-speak) because it feels like with the density of the market, some can get overlooked.

Maybe you just like the way it looks aesthetically or it performs well and you find yourself going back to it. (I hope to keep the comments positive, as it's not a critique or wanting to point out flaws, but rather a simple gesture to appreciate type and discover some.)

For me, I've been drawn to the Acumin Pro family. I've found it to be a useful sans serif, versatile, and a nice overall look.


  • Garalda
    Essay text
    Telefon (a bit older, but recently updated)
    Circular (though it's starting to get overused)

    I'm mostly attracted to somewhat lively text faces and sans serifs with a good dose of warmth. 
  • I can't think of anything as significant as Legato since it came out in 2004.
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    Tiempos is another one for me, having Text to Fine cuts. Has an appeal that feels fresh yet established.
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    OOPS ! Sorry I published on the wrong post ;-)
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