Revamping TypeDrawers?

Now, I understand that everything here pretty much works, and no complaints on performance, but every time I visit TypeDrawers, it feels like I'm time travelling a decade back.

Is a revamp an option? Making it more mobile-friendly(maybe a PWA?), a more modern look and feel for the UI, and so on and so forth? Does a revamp make sense?


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    I agree that typophile's redesign is terrible, but that doesn't mean a redesign of typedrawers has to be. Fwiw, I would not classify typophile as mobile friendly at all.

    I think a redesign of typedrawers would be nice, but on the other hand I think it functions pretty well as is, and I foresee endless debate after/before/during the redesign, so I'm not sure it would be worth it.
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    Hmm, maybe “revamp” was too strong a word. Maybe “spruce up” would have been closer. What I had in mind was some basic house-keeping: Retina icons, slightly bigger buttons on mobile, threaded replies for posts and so on.

    Now, this really wouldn’t warrant a complete rewrite of the whole codebase, just some tweaks here and there.

    @Jasper de Waard is right, it’d be impossible to get everyone on the same page for a revamp, but these basic improvements might be easier.

    Others, thoughts now?

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    I agree that the glyph support should be as large as possible, for obvious reasons.
    Design and mechanics work fine for me.
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    TypeDrawers uses out-of-the-box forum software. So, some things are very easily configured, some not so much so.

    Agree that extended character set support would be nice. And the icons for flag, etcetera could be retina-friendly.

    For everything else... if these things are easily done, then that would be cool. But I won’t be sad if some of these items are not changeable or are considered unimportant.

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    I second the motion. Does Vanilla have an app that users can use for better mobile? I find myself using FB Groups a lot, or Slack, both of which work quite well on mobile. 

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    Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 762
    edited September 2018
    If we fix what ain't broken, new errors might creep up. The biggest one is ensuring future-compatability for whatever mobile devices spring up in the next 5 years. I would bet my money on robust, not delightful.
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