I made a discord server for type design discussions

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Here is the link if you wanna join.

I made this cause all the info for type design is scattered in so many forums, and would like to have all designers chat in a single place see what comes out of it.
please share this link with designers that could be interested in this.


  • It seems a bit strange that you share this in a forum hoping to do the exact same thing. No?
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    Do you think it is really the same? For me discord is a bit more of a chill conversation and it could be instant.
  • Idk maybe is just me, this forum seems a bit formal. I don't see nothing wrong with creating a chat if people want to talk.
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    I don't feel like I am taking away from this forum, just making a chat so people who design type can chat if they want to chat... Maybe I expressed myself wrongly by saying how it was scattered.
  • People who design type don’t chat.
  • I chat with other type designers all the time. If we can't be in the same room, often it is the most efficient way to get feedback and solve problems. 
  • Slack is also great, I find discord a bit much so tend to not use it other than with an RPG group I play with (we use the voice chat while playing). I agree that forums like this are inherently more formal, partly because the info is very public and as long-lasting as the forum. Chats on the other hand are more casual and transient. I think there is space for both, if users want there to be :-D
  • I just checked out the Discord - and it was people arguing over font editors. Not a great intro to the group IMO. 
  • Discord isn't a chat app that's going to attract a design crowd. If chat clients could wear hats, Discord would sport a backwards baseball cap.
  • haha brilliant

  • I still miss the times when Typophile had a chat room and I could chat with the members who were online. It never worked very well, but it was fun anyway.
  • Would it not be possible to add a chatroom to typedrawers?
  • What about those that want to chat about type design and video game RPGs at the same time?
  • Typophile used to have a chat feature.
  • Would it not be possible to add a chatroom to typedrawers?
    Adding chat would be hard. The forum would have to migrate to a different hosting service to add chat features. That might require that James and Tiffany put in a lot more work managing the site.
  • I tried the Discord server. The main chat going on was an argument between a 14-year-old and a slightly more serious type designer. All using pseudonyms, IIRC.

    I will probably not bother going back, much. TypeDrawers is good.
  • What about a dating section? :D
  • I bailed out. But I think a Typophile chat sounds fun. There are lots of existing chat clients so there's no need to create something from scratch. Just decide on a place and make a room. I use WeChat, Line and Discord myself but I think a web based chat would be better as nobody would be required to install yet another app.
  • Sorry, I meant TypeDrawers chat.
  • What about a dating section? :D
    A most sensible suggestion. B)
    Will make some fellows moaning about that there are much less women in type than gents. Is it still so or am I wrong?
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