Word & Special Characters

Hi everyone

I have just created a new typeface for a client who requested the addition of special characters, which are not too common. The problem is, that they don't appear in the symbols panel in Word (the client's preferred application).

Do you have experience with this sort of thing? I have been researching, but couldn't find a satisfactory answer yet.

Thanks for your inputs.  


  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 1,501
    How are the characters encoded in the font? Are these standard Unicode characters.
  • PascalePascale Posts: 3
    Yes, in unicode.
  • A common problem is that the Unicode Ranges that contain the special characters have not been enabled. Which font editor are you using? I only know how to do this in FontCreator.
  • PascalePascale Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tip. I'm using Glyphs App.
  • SiDanielsSiDaniels Posts: 266
    I've not seen this problem before in Windows Word "insert symbol" dialog. Feel free to send me the font and I'll take a look. [email protected]
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