VTT Version 6.30 [August, 2018 release]

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What’s new?
Version 6.30 [August, 2018 release]

The following are the changes since the 6.20 [March, 2017 release] release of VTT:

• Support for Open Type Font Variations including Intermediates. Previously, VTT only supported varying CVTs at the extremes of axes in the design space. VTT now can vary CVTs anywhere in the design space, including intermediate points between axis masters, and the corners of the design space.
• Updated UI in Variation CVT Windows. The Variation CVT window now clearly shows you how CVTs change at the selected point in the design space: it tells you which CVTs you have edited at that point, which CVTs are varying due to nearby deltas, and which CVTs are unchanged. You can also add, edit and remove instances represented in the cvar table. You can create temporary instances without deltas so you can quickly switch between points in the design space to proof your work. Finally, any can name any instance you create to make it easy to keep track of them.  
• Visual TrueType and FontTools. Visual TrueType uses a port of the FontTools varLib library when computing variation delta data for the cvar table. 
• Visual TrueType includes a command line utility vttshell.exe. This utility can be used to compile and/or strip sources from a font containing Visual TrueType source data. Usage options are available using the command “vttshell.exe -?”.

Please also see the new Help Topic on Variable fonts in the built in VTT Help, for more details.

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