Type Jam - A hackathon for Fonts


Hi all! Last year Jake Fleming created Type Jam, and this year I and a few of the people from TypeThursday are bringing it to London on the 6th - 7th October, hosted by Dalton Maag.

We're hoping to bring together a mix of both users and creators of type to create a font over the course of a weekend. An opportunity for both novices and experts to experience and explore different disciplines together and create something beautiful. 


  • Ofir Shavit

    Could be interesting to use Fontark in the workflow, it can seriously speed up the process thus take the participants an extra mile in that short time limit.

    You can see the 'typeface a day - week!' demo I made on April in which I have designed and created a new typeface (with several weights!) each day from Sunday to Thursday that week.

    I will be glad to cooperate on that.