Password wildcards and password retyping

Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 656
On Firefox, Windows 10, the password wildcards are invisible (it looks like nothing is being typed). Furthermore, once a wrong password is entered, the password field is not cleared, which results in the user appending what they type to the end of the previously entered wrong password. These may also occur in other browsers as well.


  • Paul MillerPaul Miller Posts: 271
    On Firefox, if you go to the Tools menu and select Options then select the Privacy & Security item then near the top in the Forms & Passwords section you will see a button marked Saved Logins ... this dialog will allow you to manage all the saved passwords for every site you have visited.

    You can see the passwords if you click a button.  You can erase and modify passwords and clean up the ones you don't use.

    This is a huge hole in the security if you leave your computer logged on someone could come along and copy any password they like.
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 656
    I guess you suppose to dump Firefox? And for good reason. Good thing I've been testing Opera for a couple days. The password wildcards are displayed correctly there.

    Side note: the login field could be focused on pageload.
  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    Not a problem for Firefox 60.0.2 on Mac, fwiw. Nor Safari 11.1.2.
  • Paul MillerPaul Miller Posts: 271
    I use Firefox.
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