How severe is your fluctuation of income over the year usually?

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In your experience, how drastic can the typical change be depending on the month?


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    For me, I don't see any obvious patterns. I have about a dozen different vendors and they each vary independently, some vary more, some vary less, but not following the same patterns. I also don't see any overall patterns that repeat from year to year. The range of variation (with each vendor and overall during the year) seems to be the only thing that is relatively predictable, which can be up a 4x variance or more with individual vendors and 2x or more overall variance from month to month. Some of the overall variance in my income has to do with different payment schedules of vendors--some monthly, some quarterly, etc..

    I suspect that there are few consistent patterns among different font makers. Yes, we are all selling fonts, but we are not selling the same fonts.

    I also imagine that the vendors may see overall patterns over their entire library and from year to year, but I doubt that they would have much relationship to the variations that individual font makes see.
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    My experience is very similar to Mark’s.
  • Indie foundry with very few vendors checking in.  

    The only really consistent thing is that we make more than half of our non-royalty income (our only real vendor of note is adobe and their business model is closer to subscription so not relevant here) in the first half of the year.  Not by a huge amount but always more than half.

    For many years summer was totally dead but that's not been true for the past few years.  I can't really figure out what's changed but part of the change is that some of the autumnal sales have reallocated to summer because the "first half more than half" rule has held steady. 

    I have a year over year comparison chart up and I can see that November is usually the best month in the second half of the year but not by so much that its noticeable without a table (and I had in fact forgotten till I looked again).  I know for certain that December looks artificially low because we usually have a bunch of activity in December that leads to deferred payment in January (which looks artificially high).  
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    @JoyceKetterer @Jess McCarty @Nick Shinn @Mark Simonson
    Thanks for taking the time and sharing your insights!
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    I've seen very consistent sales since 2002. But these last 2 months have been less so.
  • @james montalbano - any idea why?  
  • no idea
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