Some notes on the GASP table / New on Fontblog

have written up some information on the GASP table.


  • Thank you for this explanation! I always feel like information on hinting is hard to come by, but this series is great :)
  • Mike DugganMike Duggan Posts: 187
    thanks Jasper, glad to hear this is useful. 
  • Mike DugganMike Duggan Posts: 187
    Just FYI, this blog is back online. I am not entirely sure for how long, but for those interested it’s up again for now
  • Should one worry about site permanence and the Wayback Machine not capturing valuable information such as this, there is always the inspect element webpage screenshots on the individual level.
  • Great news, Mike!
    I hope, new posts will appear in your blog with tips for hinting/vtt.  B)
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