Font Book validation error explanations

Hi, all! Does anyone happen to know how to get in contact with the Font Book developers at Apple? I don’t own a Mac so I have the least reason to ask for support from them. Anyway, I’d really love to know what criteria it uses in its pre-installation validation checks. I’ve read several support threads on the web and users portray them, particularly the “serious” ones, like false alarms—nothing actually serious. I myself have had mixed results from clients and coworkers. Some seem to go through just fine, others are fine except there’s some “System Validation” check it throws a red flag for and recommends NOT installing the font. it’s quite frustrating! I can’t imagine I’m the only one here who’s experienced this. If anyone knows what the checks are actually looking for, I’d sure appreciate knowing, though I don’t really expect anyone to readily have that info. But a contact email or a phone number for someone at Apple that can explain it, boy that’d be nice so I can find out.


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,970
    AFAIK Apple keeps the developers and Font Book validation criteria secret. They’re real assholes about it.
  • AbrahamLeeAbrahamLee Posts: 262
    Well, that’s really unfortunate! Anyone have a different story? Seems like they would want type designers to know so they could make their fonts work well with Apple products, but maybe not...
  • FWIW, as a user, I routinely ignore Font Book warnings and have yet to run into any problems with print-based projects.
  • AbrahamLeeAbrahamLee Posts: 262
    @Marc Oxborrow, I get it, and that’s what others are saying too, but a less computer/font savvy person will see the red error with its fierce “DO NOT INSTALL THIS FONT!!!” warning and they will think I’m trying to plant a virus on their computer.

    @Jens Kutilek, that looks awesome! Does that come stock with Apple computers? That may at least allow me to have someone I trust run the test and give me the results, but I wouldn’t expect a casual user to know what they are doing there. 
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,391 has install details, if it got stale please send a pull request :)
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