• Pretty bad. But it could've been worse:

  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,688
    It feels like a frankenfont assembled from three sources. That said, at least it isn’t boring. Kudos to the brand designers to have the guts to do something other than a geometric sans. If we’re lucky this is a sign of millennials getting bored of the Futura clones of the week.
  • AbrahamLeeAbrahamLee Posts: 251
    Here’s hoping he listens to you, @Thomas Phinney! The GIFs, while educational to know how it came about, about did me in.
  • Hrant H. PapazianHrant H. Papazian Posts: 1,610
    edited June 2018
    This typeface literally makes... every. single. possible. mistake... as far as optical compensation issues.
    So you're saying it was made by one of those contemporary Swiss foundries?
  • You won't believe these 17 things about designing a brand typeface you should know before doing so
    Or what I mean to say is branding done by doing a brand typeface once again outshines the brand typeface.
  • BTW when I look at the BuzzFeed arrow I see the potential for an amazing rotalic bitmap typeface. Such a shame. But I guess there's always tomorrow.
  • AbiRasheedAbiRasheed Posts: 187
    haha sorry couldn't resist posting this meme, buzzfeed in a nutshell
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,524
    edited June 2018
    What James said. 

    Most recent custom American corporate typefaces aren’t really type designs, because they are not based on original ideas; to use a musical analogy, they are performances, restylings of existing designs (including generic). The idea that they are unique branding is BS. Such clones may be beautifully executed and have functional excellence tailored to the parent corporation, and save money over licensing existing fonts, and have marketing value by being discussed in the media, but as branding (which is supposedly for public perception) they don’t offer a new and unique position, but say “me-too, all things to all people”.

    The Buzzfeed type doesn’t play that game, its transgression is more along the lines of the London Olympic font.  PayPal’s new type also has more originality, pointedly bucking the geometric and neo-grotesque norms by going humanist. Respect. 
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