FontLab VI Tutorials?



  • @Thomas Phinney I meant full font validation like MS Font Validator or the one in FontCreator. I wasn't sure if that sort of feature was part of the newer FontLab apps.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 1,865
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    MS Font Validator deals with a lot of metadata and many different font tables, in addition to outlines and glyph-level information. Its tests are in a different class than either FontLab 7 or FontCreator, in this regard.

    FontLab’s FontAudit feature goes back to FontLab Studio 5 (or earlier, I forget!), but has been improved in VI and 7, both in accuracy of existing functions, and range of tests—there are now 27 checks. These are all tests of outline construction and consistency at the glyph level. Automatic fixing of detected problems is an option as well.

    FontCreator’s Font Validation wizard is broadly similar to FontLab’s function, except it has only 11 tests.
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