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Here is the light weight of a text typeface I've started drawing a couple months ago. Attaching here to get some opinion on how it's going? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,966
    I love this. You’ve done a great job of mixing old style and neoclassical metaphors. That cute little a makes me smile. Your lively drawing technique reminds me of Eames Century Modern. I do think that g needs some work; it looks a little gloomy in the context of this typeface. 
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 688
    edited May 2018
    Does "ASS" in "COMPASSIONATE" look tight? "PA" isn't kerned while "SS" is?

    I join the compliments on /a!

    The /s maybe leans a bit left, but maybe that's normal for a text face to lean here and there. But I think /S is a bit heavy.
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,396
    Agree that this is charming. The weight of this would seem to be way too light for most text applications (if by "text type" you mean something set small for longer, continuous reading). What applications do you have in mind?

    Tail of /Q/ feels out of character, too loosey-goosey for the rest. /e/ may likewise be a bit too unstructured. Join of /y/ seems needlessly low. Single superlong serif on /u/ also seems arbitrary. Thin stroke leading to the ball in /r/ and the ear of /g/ are too thin. Spine of capital /S/ could be smoother as it goes from straight diagonal to curve. I like the shape of /O/ and the round humps of /h/m/n/ and the high waists of the caps.
  • Thank you so much for your feedback everyone!

    I know I'll still have some spacing kinks to work out, with the uppercase especially; no kerning yet though.

    Craig, you ask a good question about usage: the long-term goal is to make a typeface that's good for books, with two optical sizes; my plan was to develop the book weight with interpolation and the hope was that I'd be able to use my light and bold weights as bases for this.

    Thanks for all the notes on the letterforms, I think I have some work to do still, and I think all the questions/feedback on those are due for closer looking

    Awesome that I have somewhere I can get feedback on work all the way from my little tiny island. Thanks again!
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