Italic Lettered Logotype Critique

Hey friends!

Hopefully some of you get a chance to see this and provide feedback as I can see the "Lettering Critique" channel doesn't get used as often. Anyway, I'm in the process of wrapping up this logotype but would love an extra pair of eyes to help me finesse it to perfection. I'm thinking maybe the tittles need to be a bit wider to match my letterform widths and the spacing certainly needs work as well. This was built as a singular logotype, not individual glyphs like a typeface.

Thanks in advance for the guidance!


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    notdefnotdef Posts: 168
    edited May 2018
    Good start! I think your tittle observation is accurate. Maybe try comparing them with the ball terminals? Here are some other things I noticed:
    • The tails of d/h/i/m/n appear quite heavy in the south-eastern direction. I would try moving the bottom extreme point further left to make them thinner towards the end and shift the majority of the weight so that it sits underneath the stem
    • The G seems narrow to me
    • The space between T and h looks a little tight
    • Compare the ball terminals of s and g – something’s not quite right there
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    Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,399
    Crossbar of G feels thinner than everything else. Any thought to connecting hin and min? 
    Might be worth playing around with rotating the round counters CCW a little—that is, setting up a more dynamic relationship between the angle of slope and the angle of stress. 
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    appreciate you taking the time to review the logotype! Excellent suggestions. I can see all of those things you pointed out. Thanks!
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    @Craig Eliason
    Thank you Craig! Always providing me with wonderful critique. Definitely gave me lots to test because I haven't tried those things...yet! I'll get on it!
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    Micha MirckMicha Mirck Posts: 19
    edited May 2018
    The right stem of the m seems a bit odd. Like it's glued to the n
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