Everything you need to know about typography to get started

sbfcantsbfcant Posts: 1

Front-end development is a tricky business and it can be a very ungrateful job. A developer that has studied engineering or computer science does this kind of code easily but, by the end of it, there are always way too many details to correct and, yes, they often concern typography issues.

This is because there's a clear discrepancy between the designer’s expectations and the developer’s perception of the work being done. In other words, generally speaking, the designer sees a bunch of things that the developer doesn’t.

The designer looks at the work that the developer has produced and the corrections start pouring: “This typeface doesn’t have the right weight”, “This title should be uppercase”, “The character spacing is wrong”, and so on.

That’s why I’m sharing this typography tutorial that I find very helpful to get started on this subject and avoid future discussions in the process of applying your ideas:


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