“Font Hinting and the Future of Responsive Typography”

Some of you may have already seen it, but I recently wrote a piece for A List Apart, titled “Font Hinting and the Future of Responsive Typography”. In it, I describe my ideas about hinting in a very broad and decidedly futuristic sense of the word. The piece was written for a relatively broad web design audience, but if any of you from the type-oriented side of the fence have any comments, they are gladly welcomed. I encourage you to comment on the article itself instead of in this thread at TypeDrawers though – it’s best to keep the conversation centralized, and it never hurts to inject some of the type world into the web design world either.

As a preemptive measure, I will mention that – like the TypeDrawers site – the typography of A List Apart still has room for improvement. Hopefully you can get past it enough to read the article though … it could definitely be worse! If you do want to provide any constructive comments for the ALA design team, feel free to comment on this blog post that introduces the first round of typographic tweaks since their redesign launched.
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