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Hey everyone! 

I'm basing a new typeface on an old logotype from the world war 2 period. There was a brand named "Gaines" They made dog food in a can. I wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge of who created the logotype, what agency made the creative for the brand, and who I might be able to contact for more info. 

I'm basing it on a scan from an old ad I found. Here is the ad: 

I'm crazy about the cap G, and the variation in cap height to x height. 

The illustrator signature looks like M or maybe N B Price. 




  • Russell McGormanRussell McGorman Posts: 255
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    The cartoonist is George Price. 
    You might find more ads for Gains by narrowing your search to the late twenties and '30s.

    I love the low x-height.

  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,337
    That dog food was delicious.
  • Filmotype’s “G series” of condensed Grotesques from the early 1950s would bring you pretty close to the letterforms used in the logo. See especially Filmotype Ginger, which was digitized by Mark Simonson in 2008. It includes the pot-belly a as an alternate. Its G isn’t elongated and doesn’t have a two-sided bar, though.

  • George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 623
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    The Gaines advertising agency was C. Wendell Muench, Chicago, IL.

  • I shall be eager to see how you detect a whole uc alphabet out of that one G.
  • Niche.Niche. Posts: 86

    very rough first draft. Only put in a few hours so far! This is just a fun side project. Not sure where I'm going to take it! by the way @Russell_McGorman Thank you so much! I fucking love his work, it's very cool. and @George Thomas Thanks! I will have to look into their other works. 

  • Niche.Niche. Posts: 86
    Found out that Gaines was recently bought and will likely re revived in the coming years. I wonder what they will do with the brand....
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