Need WordPress geek

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I need some WordPress help with setting up a new site. It's been too long since I did this, and a lot of things are changed. BesidesWordPress, CSS, and HTML, the person should be familiar with Elementor and Typekit integration. It's a lightweight site, just a few pages. No blog per se.

Person does not have to be a designer, although if they are, I am sure I would make use of those skills.

Pay would be by the hour. I am guessing there is 5-10 hours of work here within the next few days.


  • Dropped you an email.
  • Sort of off-topic, but I'm interested in your decision to use Elementor. I've used a similar Wordpress site builder (Divi) but am curious about other options.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,703
    OK, I am actually good now! Have a person already, and plausible alternatives if he doesn’t work out.

    @Marc Oxborrow Eh. It was not a deliberate or informed decision. I was starting with a template as a rough starting point, and it was using Elementor. I inherited that. Offhand, it seems like just another thing to learn, and is getting in the way of me doing things I could do if it wasn't there, so I am not super excited. But that may be more about this whole class of WordPress site builder add-ons, rather than an objection to this particular one.
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