Elemaints - A Serif Family with Optical Sizes



  • Linus RomerLinus Romer Posts: 76
    @Daniel Benjamin Miller Yes, I am still working on this project. However, I have invested much more time in developping font tools/math such as this and this (and I am still working on the maths as I am still not satisified with the results).
    Every now and then, I have worked on Elemaints Bold Caption. Because it has to work as master  with the other two masters (Caption and Display), this also includes changes to Caption and Display. 
    Some glyphs that I have been working on since October:

    Accents and special characters:


    As always, I am glad to hear advice and suggestions.
  • John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 606
    edited March 5
    I wish you every success in devising this typeface; it looks beautiful to me, and as well, I think it is the sort of choice that is needed for mathematical typesetting.
    The first version of your bold for the Latin glyphs looked to me like one that had been revised and polished many times.
    It's too late to change now, but one thing I would have noted is that the "Siddur" style of Hebrew, instead of the Frank Ruhl style, is more common when Hebrew is used, like Greek, as an additional source of characters in mathematics. However, the Frank Ruhl style may actually be a better fit to the rest of your typeface.
    You have noted that you are leaving the kerning of the characters until later, but the only thing I noticed about your face that seemed to need improvement was that some of the oldstyle tabular figures did not look to be properly centered. However, when I looked again, I couldn't decide which digits had a problem, and instead it seems as though there is no problem, and I did not look carefully enough at first.
    Because it is already so good, your fear that if you released an early version of the typeface, it would be spread all over the Internet and used in its unfinished form is indeed reasonable.
  • What I love about this typeface it is that it is going to be an open-source type system. We have computer modern, yes. But this will provide a similarly full-featured set with a really nice design too. Too many open source fonts lack any interesting features or math support.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 1,865
    This might be the most impressive single-person non-sponsored open source font project I’ve ever seen. 🏔️ Certainly one of the most, at least. Bravo!
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