Weird Didonish Display

Hi. I'm not sure exactly how to classify this design, but it is some kind of mix of didone and tuscan. It will be used as a display. I'd love to hear what you guys/gals think or if you have any suggestions. Looking forward to it. Thanks!


  • Jasper de Waard
    I think this is cool, though its uses are probably quite limited. I looks like X. I don't get the non-pointy tip at the bottom-right of N. Maybe go for the second B and apply that structure to D as well? Can you show us some words, rather than just an alphabet?
  • etahchen
    etahchen Posts: 6
    edited March 2018
    @Jasper de Waard

    Thank you for the feedback. The reason I made the 'N' that way was to balance out the bottom right corner, but yes I can see why it might not seem to make sense. I'll try the pointy bottom right. 

  • Craig Eliason
    Craig Eliason Posts: 1,411
    I like it too. Maybe open up the /C/ a little more.
  • Adam Jagosz
    Adam Jagosz Posts: 689
    I think the /D is fine, more interesting than it would be with that B structure. The space is too wide.