Sample text when installing font file on Mac

Quick question: I see that some font files show a custom preview text (instead of the regular A-Z, a-z and 0-9) when you open and install them using FontBook on Mac (see attached image for example). How can I change this text on a font file?

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  • Name ID# 19 = Sample Text

    In FontLab 5 you can add this namestring under Font Info->Names->Additional OpenType Names.

    For other software, you'd have to check the manual.

  • In FontCreator you can edit the Sample Text through Font Properties -> Extended.

  • Thank you both very much.
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,131
    In Glyphs it looks like the custom parameter
    can set the string. 
  • Q: Is anyone ever providing Name ID 19 in multiple languages?
  • Q: Is anyone ever providing Name ID 19 in multiple languages?
    I even don't know about this feature.
  • Alternatively, in case you would like to add ID19 to a font without generating it again, would like to alter or add any other entries in the naming tables, DTL OTMaster could be very useful, I reckon. The current retail version does not support batch processing of naming tables in multiple fonts, but the one Jürgen Willrodt and I will demonstrate at the upcoming TYPO Labs conference does this:

    The new OTM edition will most probably be released autumn 2018. It also supports CFF2 now and has the latest AFDKO under the bonnet. Those who purchase version 6 this year from March on, will get the update to the new edition for free.
  • OTMaster is a great tool. I am using it for quite a while now and I really don't want to miss it anymore, honestly. To see my name here in ID9 next to these famous type designers made my day.

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