Granite Arabic

Hello :) I am trying to draw arabic support for Granite  and was hoping maybe some of you could give some suggestions.

The font does not have any ligatures yet.

Please see the attached .pdf for running text.


  • AzizMostafaAzizMostafa Posts: 74
    edited March 2018
    Are you going to expand your Granite typeface to:
    1. support some or All the Arabic-based scripts like Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki, Kazakh, Uyghur, Punjabi, Khowar (Chitrali), Malay (Jawi), Balochi, Brahui, Kurdi (Kurdish), Kashmiri (Koshur), Kirghiz, Ozbek, Turkmen, Gawri (Kalami) and Pegon?
    2. include partital or full Arabic ligatures i.e. at the begining, middle and end?
    Make use of Telegram?
    Hope the files at my link help
    Happy font building and editing

  • Hi Aziz - Thanks for your response. It seems you have a lot of files in Telegram. Could you point me to any specific ones?
    The font currently has positional alternates for initial medial and finial forms, but no special ligatures yet (for example: Lam-Alef, Feh-Yeh, or Seen-Reh).
  • AzizMostafaAzizMostafa Posts: 74
    edited March 2018
    Well. Just selecting and uploading these three (3) files.
    All the Best

  • Done some work do you think it's an improvement?

    See the attached pdf for running text 
  • AzizMostafaAzizMostafa Posts: 74
    edited March 2018
    Ya! Better if the hamza of waw and the dots of the following letters are brought closer to their shapes
    ذ ججج ج ظظظ ضضض ؤ ـؤ
    All the Best
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