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I'm from India, my language is Malayalam. Most of you have probably never heard about this language.. :smiley: 
I designed some typefaces for my language Malayalam and now I am planning to sell them. But online type business is not possible because the majority of customers are not ready to purchase online... :neutral:
My Question is: since when I sell the fonts people can copy or share with others... how can I protect my fonts from being copied and shared through social media? Is there any software available to protect the fonts??
I hope you can understand me... :smile::smile::smile: ??? because my English is very bad.....


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    Dude! Never would've thought a fellow mallu would walk into this place! So yeah I've heard of malayalam. Your english is fine bud. You've come to the right place to clarify this but if you don't follow some of what they say then contact Shiva Nallaperumal who is prolific in the indian type community and could further help you out, he's tamilian so that could help with communication too, hell he may even speak malayalam.  
  • Hi Aman, 

    We're a type business based out of Bangalore and Reykjavík specialising in Indian script systems. We're always on the lookout for interesting collaborations. If you'd like to discuss a possible collaboration please DM me.

    All the best,
  • I'd second what Mark says and try to not worry about the sharing part. If you see blatant, significant, illegal uses of your typeface you may pursue legal action at that point. But probably not, and especially not in India... More new Malayalam would be great, keep us posted!
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