Sans-serif with spurs on i, n, t, and a

David Perry
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I'm trying to identify a typeface used in a 1947 poetry book.  I'm guessing it is one of the many sans-serifs produced in the 1920s or 30s.  I've tried the online sites to identify from a scan with no results.  See the attached image.

The distinguishing feature is the horizontal spur (is that the correct term??) on i, n, t, h, and a; very few fonts have this, so I thought it would be easy to match.  Also the A is a bit narrower than in many geometric faces from the early 20th century.  I'd be grateful if anyone can identify this!


  • James Puckett
    Looks like Tempo italic.
  • David Perry
    Thank you, James.  Based on your suggestion I found a 1936 specimen showing Tempo Medium Italic, which matches exactly what's in my original book.  I was not familiar with Tempo, which is said to be a version of Futura (with those horizontal elements added to the italic).  But I did think of Futura when I began looking at the book, and now I know why.