What can the global design industry do to pressure Sweden to change its IP attitude?

If Pirate Bay and other Bit Torrent sites hosting illegal downloads were located in the US, they would be shut down in an instant. The fact that Sweden has such a lax attitude toward protecting IP make this a problem for anyone who makes their living managing IP.

Can anything be done?

What do you think Swedish designers?


  • What if we block all internet transactions coming from Sweden?
  • Just for information, Letterhead fonts already do that

    They also block other countries. I once wanted to buy a font from them for using in a project, and they refuse to sell to Argentinian customers.

    I don't agree, but I can understand it as a business decision.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,688
    Sweden prosecuted the founders of the Pirate Bay in 2009 and the site is no longer run out of Sweden. The founders of the Pirate Bay are now hiding from extradition in East Asia.
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