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Hey all, Monotype has just released another typeface by Jim Ford, Alfie.

It looks beautiful, and like something I could see my self using, but, after downloading it (I'm a MLS member), I find out that it lacks any obvious alternative glyphs, with the exception of the H. I also have a license for Liza by Underware, which is in similar style to Alfie, yet offers numerous alternative glyphs, plus smart Optentype programming that makes it easy for a user like me to use.

Alfie is listed on MyFonts for AUD $118 for the 4 fonts, and Liza is AUD $199.99 for 5 fonts.

Given how many extra glyphs there are, plus the ease of use, Liza feels like a much better value proposition were I to recommend this style to someone else.

So, my question is, given who Monotype are, the resources at their disposal, why can't they support the type designer enough to deliver fonts with more features, especially where in this case, the features have a dramatic impact on the usability of the typeface?

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    Your link needs help.
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    They both look different. Sometimes people may just buy it for aesthetic reasons just enough to cover their basic needs and less about extensive usability. I do it all the time. Alfie has several style sets, so does Liza but they're still different by design. So all in all this is more of a subjective thing if you ask me when you bring up usability vs aesthetics. As an example, if you took the work of Othmar Motter who I think did some amazing work, much of it is so unique in design but with little to no support for anything else like the man could care less except for a basic latin set, but did it get people's attention so much that people went and used it in projects? Sure as hell did. Maybe there were others who wanted more language support, etc from his work, but you know sometimes it's strongly about the design and that just may suffice. Having said that, these days people want 10000s alts and what not, so I can see where it makes more sense to add these things just to be able to sell, but maybe Monotype felt the design of Alfie should be good enough to sell without the need for 1000s stylistic sets.  
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    joeclarkjoeclark Posts: 122

    Your link needs help.

    I opened both links to their intended destinations no problemo.

    Full credit to Sye for daring to criticize typography’s de facto monopolist Monotype, even in mild terms. But I would certainly make sure your life insurance is in order.

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    Criticizing Monotype is the new black.
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