Mountain Lion, RoboFab etc

Göran SöderströmGöran Söderström Posts: 117
edited February 2013 in Type Design Software
My production environment is 100% stabile and quick at the moment running 10.7.5. Have anybody experienced any problems with Mountain Lion + Robofab, SFNTLY or any related font prodction stuff?


  • InDesign CS6 has become unstable, to the point I have to switch to another user to start it. Other than that, everything seems to be alright.
  • Rainer, did you re-install CS6 after updating? I think that Adobe recommends that you re-install after updating, and I have found this to be a very good idea.
  • I'm been on Mountain Lion since about a month after its first release and have not had any problems with any production software, including CS6. Firefox does quit unexpectedly, but only about once a week; that started about two updates prior to Firefox 19. As of today, at OS X 10.8.3.
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