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    Sorry, but if Joseph and Roy need something, let them reach me. And I do not work pro bono.
  • No need to apologize, and best wishes for the project. Regards, Si 
  • It’s an old thread, but I wanted to add to the record that Chris Skillern, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, designed Muli, a typeface with Cherokee support, for his Type West project.
  • And the first-ever conference dedicated to Native North American typography, Ezhishin, will be held November 11–13, 2022
  • Stephen, is Ezhishin a remote conference or real world? I have the impression it's remote but I didn't see any info about it on the website.
  • It's all virtual. 
  • Muli was a font family name used by Vernon Adams R.I.P. and I renamed to Mulish after concern from the Italian American community that it was a racial slur in that community; looks like Chris has fortunately used the name Meli 😅 Ya had me worried for a second 🤣
  • Oops! Thanks for the correction.
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    This is an unexpected and most welcome conference! I hope native Americans will find the type support for their beautiful languages, any and all support that was hereto lacking in their communities.  <3<3
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