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Do you know a webfont generator "plug in" that would export webfonts on the fly good for use in tiny type stores?
How do you go about selling webfonts on your store?
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  • What language do you want a web font format converter library for? FontForge has a python binding, and WebINK and Google Web Fonts use https://code.google.com/p/sfntly/
  • Rainer just posted a shell script for generating batches of web fonts to his Github repository: https://github.com/mekkablue/webfontmaker

    It’s Mac-centric but should be adaptable to other environs.
  • I'm using PHP for the store. Will read through these two, thanks!
  • I've tested the options you mentioned and really like Mekkablue's webfont maker. The only thing I've missed is TTF exporting, is there a tool for that?
  • The only thing I've missed is TTF exporting, is there a tool for that?
    Huh? The webfontmaker also produces (autohinted and unhinted) TTFs. They’re necessary for making EOTs.

    BTW I just simplified the webfontmaker script: no more WOFF test files, no more DSIG injection. It now needs fewer installs.
  • Is there a specific command to export the ttf's? It didn't really work for me… I'll try to grab the latest version and see how it goes. Only Woffs and SVGs were exported in my tries.
  • Now I see, I'm seeing an error in fontforge. I guess all the initial installs weren't as smooth as I thought. Will try again!
  • Got it now Mekkablue, just started the installation from scratch and it all worked fine now. Thanks for the great tool!
  • Totally oversaw your last posts. But congrats on getting the fontforge installation done. I agree it’s a pain to install.
  • Does this works if you use the drag-and-drop FF instal* instead?

    * http://fontforge.github.com/en-US/downloads/mac.html
  • [EDIT to my last post:] instead of ‘oversaw’ I meant to say, ‘overlooked’ in the sense of ‘missed’. Germanisms…

    Thx for the link, Pablo, will try. The thing is, brew install fontforge should suffice. But he fontforge installation I get then simply does not work. At least I couldn’t get it to work in OS X 10.8. That’s why I need that weird custom brew recipe.
  • No problem Rainer, it's all good now, your tool is a great time saver!
    Quick question
    Is it possible to export only the autohinted version of ttfs/eots for example?
  • Yes, feel free to edit the shellscript yourself. You can disable a line by commenting it out, i.e. adding a # at the beginning.
  • Hi Rainer, I got it to work on one computer but tried installing on others and fontforge for some reason will never export the ttf's. It's definitely something with FontForge, have you had this issue come up before? Do you know a solution?

    Here's a couple of lines from the output:
    Creating MyWebfont.ttf and MyWebfont.svg ...
    webfontmaker.sh: line 48: fontforge: command not found

    And from there, nothing that depends on the ttfs happen.

  • Rodrigo, I dont have experience with font forge, but based on the output you got, either font forge didn't install properly, or it is installed somewhere that isn't included in your $PATH shell variable.

    If you open up Terminal and type `fontforge` without quotes, do you get the same thing as above?
  • Yes I do Jack, thanks.
    Do you know how to fix the $PATH Shell variable?
  • I tried going through the steps presented at https://github.com/anoxic/fontforge-docs/blob/master/src/running.md for fixing the Path variable but I keep getting the command not found.
  • https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/issues/9953 Found this and I have no idea how but this line: sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/fontforge/20110222/FontForge.app /Application
  • working now!
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