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Erin McLaughlin
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to post an open call to folks who are working on an in-progress typeface design (preferably Latin script) who are interested in discussing their work as a guest on a future episode of Fontribute.

What the heck is Fontribute? About a year ago, TypeThursday founder Thomas Jockin started a series of YouTube videos in which he would compare two published typefaces side-by-side, and talk about letter anatomy, drawing approach, spacing, similarities, differences, positives, and negatives. I've joined him as co-host, and just recently, we've begun inviting new type designers to join us on the show, so we can discuss their in-progress work while comparing with some finished typefaces.

The episodes are unscripted, so they're prettttty long, but hopefully they contain information that is useful for people who are new to type design or graphic designers learning about typography and choosing fonts. We're not making any money on this, we're just trying to educate, inject some criticism into the field, and we just enjoy having a conversation together! 

Here's where you can see the previous Fontribute episodes:

We record the episodes live via a Google Hangout, usually on Fridays at about 11:00am CST (but we could try to adapt to other timezones). We just ask for a copy of your in-progress font that has an uppercase, lowercase, and some basic punctuation. I then find a font to compare it with, create the graphics for the episode, and we all talk and draw together on the hangout. (Don't worry, I delete the font files immediately afterward). We have a few people queued up, but I'd love to add some more names to our calendar. Especially if you're female!

Who the hell am I? I'm a freelance type designer who works mainly in Indic scripts, but is a graduate of the MATD program and used to work at H&FJ. And Thomas was a graduate of Cooper Type and now works as a type designer and teaches type to college students. We both enjoy hearing ourselves talk... so come join us! haha.

If any of you are interested, please comment and I'll get in touch with you. Or contact us at or