A very colorful Persian/Arabic font!

Shahab Siavash
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This is a Persian/Arabic color (or chromatic) font named "Colorful Dream". It has a step-brother called "Black Dream" ;)

I had done color fonts a couple of times before, but I always wanted to do a very very colorful one. You know, the real thing.

So when I found Fontself you can imagine how excited I got! 

As you can see every single glyph has a different sets of colors.

You can watch a video tutorial of this first Persian/Arabic font created by this plugin here and soon a full tutorial will be published.

Fontself basically doesn't support the RTL fonts yet. So I did a little trick. If you want to do the same you can watch the video. It's pretty simple.

If you look closely at the glyphs, you'll see a complex sets of paths and connections in every single one of them. Each glyph could be a typographic painting. 

This font comes in 3 styles: Regular, Outline and Distorted. (Other styles has been created with TransType)

Ok. Now we look at some colorful glyphs: (3 gif files)

More pictures on Behance

Full detailed text https://shahabsiavash.com/?p=3153 in Persian

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