Veikko – a serif typeface with rounded endings


this typeface was a part of my thesis work that I did a year or so ago. The work concentrated on serifs and their different forms, but in all fairness, most of my time was spent drawing the type itself. My goal with this was to learn how to do an at least somewhat legible typeface. I was exploring a rather geometric approach while also having rounded endings at the same time for added panache. I guess I had a strong urge to be different.  o:)

I have let the typeface sit for a while now, and I would like to continue working on it. Criticism is welcomed, I want to improve.

Thank you,

- Markku

( There are more pictures here. )


  • SiDaniels
    Feels a bit over-exposed, but in a good way. ;-)
  • Craig Eliason
    At large sizes, the discrepancies in size of serifs (e.g. in "Such" compare the mass of the top terminal of /c/ to the ascender serif of /h/) bugs me. At what sizes do you envision this being used?
  • Christian Thalmann

    Perhaps the descenders are a bit too shallow for my taste. The /y especially reads like a strange /v to me. The quotes also seem a bit high.
  • Markku Mujunen
    SiDaniels: Thanks! I guess I went a bit overboard with the thing. It's just that at the time, I hadn't seen a typeface with this quirk (in fact, I think I still haven't seen one). There may be a reason for this, as there is for all things.  :D 

    Craig Eliason: I notice the size difference now too, and that requires some thinking. I originally tried to work this into working at 9 pt, but ran into some problems with that (for example, the right upper top of the v was drawn higher than the left in the printouts, even though the height metrics are same in both). I think the thing needs to be built again from the ground up if I want to it to work properly.

    Christian Thalmann: Thanks for the pointers!