Kerning Underscore

Do you kern underscores or is it important to not kerning them?


  • The only hard rule I know is to set them flush by default, because there’s a specific Microsoft guideline that says they should. Otherwise, I do kern them.
  • Not kerning the underscore is just low.
  • I space mine to match the en and then don’t kern it in case someone is using it like a bullet. 
  • V_j
    That is all.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 1,857
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    The reason to have them flush—or better, just slightly overlapping—is that people sometimes set rows of underscores as a quick "blank"... actually really common usage. Even by pro designers.
  • Of course you could have it not flush... and use kerning for that. :-)  Especially if doing so reduces kerning work with all the other glyphs. I do that with the em-dash, and even the tilde (makes a nice wavy line).

  • Oh, now I want to kern all my tildes. Wavy line is great.
  • Oh, now I want to kern all my tildes. Wavy line is great.
    So why not make an alternate for the hyphen. Use the tilde outline and set it to overlap? Then add it into an aalt, stylistic set, etc.
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