Plex; IBM's new font identity model



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    Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,151
    Just another huge American tech corporation flooding the world with free fonts, to the ongoing chagrin of indie type foundries.
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    Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,458
    edited November 2019
    Yes, some people did that with compass and ruler back in the modern days,
    a bit of an oversimplification, Thomas ;-)
    I was one of those people, but we were not blind way back then either.  Curve to straight was a point of pride, back then. We made good use of brush and pen, and photostat to ensure that none of those Broke-back Mountain joins ever ended up on press.
    We still do it today by pushing and pulling points and handles, or adding a needed point.  I must admit, today's methods are much, much easier and require far less dexterity, also no "undo" back then.
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    I actually meant “modern” in the type design sense of the 1920s. Famously, Paul Renner.

    But accusing me of oversimplification ... you seem to be skipping the rest of my post. I was very clear that plenty of people have done “geometric” typefaces with reasonable optical compensations. For example, Renner’s work was redrawn by more knowledgeable people at Bauer.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear that using a compass and ruler didn’t make for bad work in and of itself—it was stopping at what those things produce, without further modifications, that sucks. People can and do make the same mistakes with digital tools—but better work is a bit easier, as you say.
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    I haven't yet made the time to read the comments since my last post to this thread, but just wanted to leave this here...
    Google itself knows what's up.
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