Ludlow accents

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Did accented versions of letters exist on the Ludlow type caster platform? Or was Ludlow strictly an English language operation? I’m starting on a revival and wondering if I can track down a catalog showing diacritical marks.


  • Florian HardwigFlorian Hardwig Posts: 243
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    Ludlow was common in Europe, too, certainly in Germany. Their specimens seem to be very much English-centric, though. While some include characters like æœøߣ and even the Danish ⅍, I have yet to find one that shows diacritics. This specimen for Record Gothic has a lone ‘ü’ in the 3rd line of the German-language in-use example. More evidence for Ludlow umlauts.
    Good luck!
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    In the specimen book I have, no accents are shown in the font showings. Accented characters could be ordered by number according to a chart in the back of the book. The chart shows them in Cheltenham.
  • Thanks, Jackson.
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