New Arabic Font: Salb (WIP) Looking for feedback

!بسم الله
Salam and Hi!

This is my first post and first arabic font in the making, I am trying to finish the black version first.

Salb (a display font) wants to feel like naskh but not too much naskh, wants to feel Kufic but not too geometric, wants to feel a bit latinised but not disrespectful to it's roots, it wants to be all of them and none of them at the same time..

Images exported from Photoshop CS5 (text set to Crisp), what i see in Glyphs app (and Glyphs's Text Preview App) looks much better in terms of rendering than this specially on retina screens (I see better rhythm, optical correction and colour tone there), but judging the worst rendering might be better as a start!

Few minor things unfinished, plus the fixes i already see needed.. 

May you please give a priority to the fixes you suggest: 
High (Must fix)
Normal (Better to fix)
Low (Also fix this if you have time)

Also before telling me what's bad, tell me what's good about it if there is any!



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