Information on Bronislav Malý 's Cantoria Typeface

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Last year I have began a type revival project for a François Rappo, at the ecal's master in type design.

I came across this interesting Czech typeface called Cantoria (not to be confused with the Ron Carpenter's font with the same name) by Bronislav Malý in the page 258 of Encyclopaedia of Typefaces (Berry and Johnson Jaspert).

Is a glyphic font, flared sans, a bit in the moulds of Optima, with sharper terminals and more expressive as in Czech tradition.

Apart from the scan of this book, I managed to find more information on the designer on Wikipedia, apparently the typeface was part of his diploma project.

Tereza Šmídová, Filip Blažek, Ondřej Báchor, Radek Sidun already helped me find a bit more of info and some extra images, one of them a magazínu Typografie image, but slightly distorted (if someone also has a HD scan of the same magazine that would be nice).

Radek pointed me out that it was planned to be released by Grafotechna but put on hold.

So any more information on the font or the designer, extra images, anything, I would be really grateful.

Anyone knows if Bronislav Malý still alive and reachable? Maybe if someone know how I reach him, all my problems would be solved.

Thanks in advance


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