Yammer post from a colleague – now help us make that happen.

I'm always looking for inspiration for typography, and I like to share simple examples of it's impact with the Editorial Teams. I just came across this great video on the impact of typography, for everyone who loves type. The LEGO one made me laugh!

It's a nice post and reminds me that the choice to license font software shouldn't be determined by legal risk. It'd be great to secure a regular budget for fonts with every title, but that's not going to happen until we can manage the risk effectively.


  • I am confused—what exactly is the “ask” here to “help (you) make that happen”?
    What are you asking people to do? Write risk-lowering EULAs?
  • Katy MawhoodKaty Mawhood Posts: 194
    edited September 2017
    Not lower risk. A consistent way to manage the risk. It might not have a solution, or that all the solutions available are already being explored / implemented.
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